Old age is not a disease!
Our pets, exactly like us, go a long way of development: from infancy to maturity and aging - and each stage is beautiful in its own way. However, with age,…

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Why does a dog gnaw things?
Not to love dogs is very difficult, but many are hesitant to start these wonderful pets due to a number of reasons. So, they require a lot of attention and…

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Why do dogs howl?
Some owners complain that dogs howl at night. Others themselves have never heard howling pet, but disgruntled neighbors are convinced of the opposite. Still others, returning from work, do not…

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The most interesting games with a dog

Every dog ​​loves his master with all his heart! Perhaps, walks and fun games with the owner give the pet the greatest joy in his life. Dogs love to play so much that they will defiantly run around you and wag their tails with fun, as if to say: “Master, well, let’s play, I’m ready!”
And if you are in a bad mood and you don’t give your pet proper attention, he may be quite sincerely offended at you, and as a little revenge he will start to bite things or, for example, scatter food. Continue reading

Dog toys

A variety of toys for dogs is not only a way to brighten up the pastime of your pet, but also the necessary attributes for its harmonious development and good health. Active games allow you to keep your dog in excellent physical shape, and puzzle toys increase your intelligence and teach you to find different solutions in unusual situations. Continue reading

Winter games with a dog in the street

Do you know what makes a dog really happy? Maybe a delicious lunch, an appetizing delicacy, a comfortable couch? Of course, this is all true. But the greatest happiness to the dog brings communication with his beloved owner, in particular, exciting games. In addition to the emotional component, active games are a necessary contribution to the health and harmonious development of a pet. And today we will talk about what games are best to occupy the dog in the winter months. Continue reading

Game method of dog training

Dog training is a responsible process that requires certain knowledge and training. The effectiveness of training directly depends on the correctness of the approach, on the master’s ability to interest his pet in order to attract and retain his attention. There are several methods for this – and the game method of training is one of the most popular. Let’s talk about it in more detail. Continue reading

How to teach a dog to swim?

Believe me, the opportunity to cool off on a hot day and catch the ball in the water is paradise for any dog ​​(with rare exceptions). But in order for everything to go according to plan, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances. More about them in our article.
1. Choose a safe pond! Not all reservoirs are suitable for swimming, and dogs are not allowed to bathe on the equipped city beaches. Continue reading

How to choose a toy for a dog?
In one of our articles we said why dogs need toys. The more toys a pet has, the happier it is. However, it is not enough to purchase several different…


Which feed is better: dry or wet?
What is better: dry food or wet? This question is asked by every beginner koto or dog breeder. Let's figure it out together! We all know about the benefits of…


How and when to transfer a puppy to adult food?
Harmonious growth of a puppy is impossible without a proper balanced diet. In the first weeks of life, this food is the mother's milk. But the crumb grows every day,…